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Welcome to Healthy Choices Online Shop

We welcome you to Healthy Choices & trust that you will enjoy reading our informative website.

Healthy Choices online shop was created about 12 years ago when the original creator recognised a need for information and products for both female and male health in all aspects of our bodies.

It was taken over by us (Karl and Marion) just over 2 years ago.

We have just recently had this new site built and are still sorting out some ‘teething problems’. If you have been having a few difficulties accessing what you need at our online shop and webpages we apologise and also appreciate your patience and loyalty to us as we are a very small business with limited resources.

We also encourage you to please inform us if you have problems and also welcome feedback from you as to perhaps new products we could stock or suggestions on improvements to our website.

Since we took over www.healthychoices.com.au we have had the great opportunity to be the sole distributor of Pleasure Puss® Cloth Menstrual Pads which can also be used as incontinence pads.

In May last year we had the great pleasure of being able to purchase the Pleasure Puss® website www.pleasurepuss.com and the entire stock.

These unique and individually handcrafted Australian Made products come in a range of sizes and fabric types. They are chemical and gel free making them safe for all types of sensitive bodies and the bonus of being environmentally friendly. To go to our Pleasure Puss® website to find out more about these great products Click Here

Once again thanks for your support over the past years and we look forward to assisting you with our very best service in the future.

Warm regards

Karl and Marion


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